Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work From Home

I see a lot of parenting blog authors that are working from home. Some are even sharing their income per month.The idea started to hit me when I became serious in thinking of becoming a stay at home mom since RC kept getting sick in the child care.  As more of us work from home and look to the power of the internet to increase sales, online marketing and affiliate services become more important. For the advertiser's point of view, they want to increase their income while making their products and services more readily available to internet searches, and an international affiliate network can increase worldwide income. Blue Global Media located at is one of the affiliate network I’ve found.  They offer many services, including a cash advance affiliate program.

So far, I learned that affiliate network management is an advanced marketing tool that generates traffic to your website using paid search, email or other techniques. Visitors to your website are offered links which are related to your site’s content. Those who click on the links are sent to an advertiser’s website where they can browse products and make purchases, if interested. When the sales or leads are made, the advertiser pays the affiliate for referring customers to their site, and top affiliate networks do all that for you, while you sit back and enjoy the income. I still have a lot to learn about this and I have to try if it would work for me. I would like to be an affiliate.

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