Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just a few  more beach pictures from last week. This is my favorite beach on the island. You'll be seeing a lot of this beach because we'll be having to spend some days here again next month.

I blogged a  lot this October, this is my 12th and last post for the month. That means, I was posting a new entry every 2 or 3 days on average. Thanks for those who followed my blog, I am following you back. It's nice to keep up with all of you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy with her Hula Dancer

Last week, we had a blast celebrating Halloween.
There are so many first times for RC like being in this bouncy house and her first sticker tattoo.

There were a lot of kids that are at the face painting table so I decided I'll just spray some hair color on RC. Besides, I saw other kids with their faces all covered and it wouldn't go well with her hula  costume so I'll save the face painting on another occassion.

We could have made our own mask too, add sparkles and decorations but I just grabbed a shiny mask.

It was her first time to  have "gone fishing" and grab some lollipops from a "lollipop tree".

We did a little exercise. I think this is RC's favorite exercise, this is how she dances too.

My little girl in her hula dancer costume. We did take her to a costume contest although I know she wouldn't win. I bought this outfit a long time ago when she was still a baby for about $5. Look at all the fabulous outfits the kids wore, they are all so cute. I normally don't put other people's pictures here but I want to share some of the cuteness. Kids in costumes, I thought it would be okay.

All the other kids are just standing still while being judged of their costumes. RC can't stand still and she always pulls my hands. When she just started walking she doesn't want me to hold her but now, holding hands all the time when we're outside.

We did trick or treat and the little RC cannot wait till she can eat all her candies and play with the goodies. I changed  her costume to normal clothes since it was getting dark and cold.

This weekend, we'll take her again for another trick or treat and pumpkin patch that only opens two weekends for the whole year. I hope the weather will cooperate. I'm a busy mommy wearing just a mommy costume. Bear with me if I can't visit  blogs lately.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

beach bums in dresses

It was nice to be beach bums even just for a few days. We were busy this past weekend and we will be till the end of October. I got more pictures to show but I'll reserve them for my next entries.

We went to a playground as usual, I know I have been putting a lot of pictures of us at a park or playground. RC was excited when she saw the slides.

 This is suppose to be RC's first costume for Halloween. She is an islander girl, just plain and simple. I don't recommend to loop a long necklace to a child, we were in very close contact while she was wearing it.

The pictures below are suppose to be a trial on whether we will go swim at the beach. RC kept wanting to sit in the water and there were activities for the kids on that day so this was the only time we got wet. After our dresses got wet, one of my first thoughts was, where will we get more clothes. I packed lightly for this mini getaway.

The last time we stayed at a cabin by this beach, RC was not yet around, it was great to share this experience with her this time although she did throw some tantrums when we were there.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Should we blog about our kids?

My poor baby, she looks so serious cleaning. No, I wasn't training her early, it was just her idea to use the broom. She went ahead broom from front door, to back door even went to the bathroom. She's already momma's little helper. We're staying at a cabin for the weekend. It's great, two bedroom, kitchen, DVD player, TV, couch it feels like a mini house. It's by the beach too.

She's done, she's putting the broom away.

Some photos of us, the husband grilled burger patties , we had cheeseburgers, some rice and garlic chicken.

I read this article before but I can't seem to find it online anymore. Anyway, it says " should we write/blog about our kids?",  it basically says that we could violate their privacy by not even asking them and it can cause embarassment and even the possibility of  identity theft in the future, it striked me 'cause even before I started blogging, I thought about privacy, not just for me but for RC as well. I guess for now, it's okay, she's not even two years old yet. Another reason I decided to go ahead with blogging because I don't really share this blog with people in real life, I mean those who know details about us like exact address, jobs, birthdays etc. I don't do much facebook too. For me, it works out well because I don't get conscious  to post photos here and I can do all kinds of poses when I want to. Yes, I am not shy to you. =)Sometimes, online friends are also much nicer. It's a positive environment. Maybe someday this blog will be transformed to just me blog but not anytime soon. Any other opinions?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The temple

I know, this post is filled with photos.

Have a good day everyone!

What I wore: cardigan,top and leggings from the Philippines, Skechers shape ups
What she wore: dress/top from Ross, black and white pants, shoes from Philippines


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