Sunday, June 27, 2010

We love Ruby Tuesday... and LBC

We went to Ruby Tuesday again this afternoon, we just came back a few hours ago. I love how they decorate their restaurants with the vintage looking lamps.

Food, no picture of the dessert we had though.

The silly little girl doesn't want to cooperate with picture taking. I didn't have a nice pic to show either while we were there.

Here is what I wore, another smocked dress with mixed pattern. The shoes is my latest, Vaneli from Nordstrom rack.  I'm gaining some weight lately. I actually look heavier in person I think that people start to think I am pregnant, really. 

The next portion of this post will be all of RC. She's becoming more and more sillier each day.

I just sent two boxes of LBC yesterday, I also sent one last week. Sending three boxes hurt, $60 for each.  The boxes are just filled with our old clothes but I would rather send it to my grandma who is still in the Philippines instead of donating them at Goodwill. I know it would go to somebody who will be happy to get them whether it is just her neighbor, her old housekeeper, somebody I probably don't know.

My little helper, as I put things inside, she picks them up and throw them on the floor. As you can see, she had different outfits cause I filled these boxes on different days. We're trying to get rid of stuff so we would have more space in our apartment.

I remember the first time I donated some of her clothes, it gave me a lot of anxiety. Weird  but true, I can't let go of the first clothes that she have worn especially that dress she wore on her first month birthday. I did good this time, I did not feel that emotionally attached to her clothes. I think giving them away is the best thing to do right now.

She is a brave little kid. I get so nervous a lot of times being with her. She would keep on climbing and stepping on anything.

I just want to put this picture because it was funny for me. This is the second time she did this while I am cooking. That "pot" was a part of her potty training chair that she have yet to use. That tells me how creative she can be. 
There are some items I can't put in the LBC boxes so they will go to Goodwill. She almost never used this Moses basket when she was a small baby.

More than one month to go before I go to the Philippines, I can't wait but nervous at the same time.

Thanks for those who still look through my blog and for the nice comments even if I can't return the favor that quick.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's your sport?

I did not really play sports even in highschool, I'm just always part of the cheering team. But bowling was something I did inconsistently and I tried it again weeks ago (May 31st to be exact). I'm surprised I did okay.

We had to rent  bowling shoes. I made sure I had socks on.

I've got to have the lightest ball, yellow.

me playing--  we had the side rails up, maybe next time, there's no need. =)

In between playing, I was eating onion rings and RC was eating pretzels. I think she got tired so it was time to go. She's my human clock, alarm clock in the morning and she tells me the time to go home.

Bowling is awesome. I wish I can keep doing it every week.

For those who asked, yes I have a new DLSR (finally!) but these photos above were taken with my "on the go" small camera.

Friday, June 18, 2010

2nd day

Here are pictures from last Sunday, our second day at the resort. I love going to resorts, staying overnight. It feels so stress free but even if we don't go I still love my weekends, 24 hours with my family, just my kind of day.

The little girl, she's always having a good time too when we're going  out.

**extra pictures from the resort with mr parrot**

I like walking  by the sea , enjoying the scenery but I would rather go to the pool, no salty water and I think I will feel safer with RC, oh and did I mention the last time we went swimming, she was trying to drink as much water as she can,... result... rashes all over her.

Thanks for all the kind comments from my previous posts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

advance father's day

**Moments with RC doing my motherly duty, the best job in the world**
**we always get two beds since RC came along**

**My turn for poses**

**RC's turn for poses**

**my little super model**

**my little thumb sucker, she hated pacifiers even when she was only newborn**

**sunset view from the lanai of the hotel room**

**more photos of nature**

**more pics to come, too busy lately, i wish we can literally stretch time sometimes. =)**



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