Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal Idea: Recycling old clothes

I will probably post more of my crafts in the future and I am going to buy myself a sewing machine. Wish me luck that I would learn this time. I hope I am not forever glued to just using my handsewing skills which is not so good either.

Here's one of my frugal idea. I'll try to post the instructions here

1. I used an old romper and a pink dress that RC can't wear anymore.

2. I cut both the romper and the dress, both at the lower part. Please refer to the pictures. I only used the lower ruffles of the dress.

3. You can use a lighter and run the fire where you cut the romper at the lower part ( did I just write that correctly?) - not pictured.

 4. I hand sewn the ruffles to the lower part of the romper.

5. I was going to sew the flower to the romper for additional decoration but I changed my mind but you can always make your craft nicer with flowers, isn't? I like flowers for some reason and they are easy to make using ribbons or fabrics.

Here's RC using the finished product. After she used it, I think I should have used a longer ruffles or maybe add another ruffles to make it longer.  I also DIY'ed her headband and the cost is less than a dollar to make it since I am not counting the scrap fabric I used. She's also wearing a shirt from K-mart and her favorite Old Navy flip flops.

I'm joining linky parties HERE.  Thanks for those who continue to comment on my blog. Thanks for the new followers. I can also be followed in twitter my tweet name is @MomandRC. I always follow back. 

First of July is almost ending, can you believe how fast the days go by? Advance Happy 4th of July. We're planning on taking RC to watch fireworks, I think she will like it. It will be her first time. I hope the traffic will not be too bad and we will enjoy it as a family.


Tracy said...

That is adorable. I need to learn how to sew!

Mommy said...

That is sooo cute I want to learn how to sew now!! You did such a great job with it :) I also love all the flowers you make theyre so pretty :) New follower from the blog hop

My Adventures in Mommyland

NinaLaZina said...

How creative you are. That looks adorable.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

how frugal, creative & oh so cute! I especially love that headband! I wish I were more of a DIY girl when it came to those kinds of things

Dressing Up For Me said...

So cute and how creative of you, Ces! :) I have a sewing machine but I hardly use it because I prefer my hand sewing skills than use the machine. hahaha! :)


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