Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good times with RC

Hi everyone, I haven't been as active in blogging lately but I will try to make up this weekend. I love looking at your blogs. I have 3 days off, woohoo! Except I will probably work about two straight weeks after that. 

Below are pictures taken when we went to Ruby Tuesday weeks ago, it is one of the restaurants that we seem to keep going.  

We also stopped in a beautiful park by the ocean and mountains.

What we ate, mixed salad which we all shared. The salad bar was long so I keep piling food into the plate. We also had two different kinds of steak, crab cake, mashed potatoes, brocollis. Anybody else love Ruby Tuesday? I was just looking at my food photos, I 'll try to do better next time maybe shoot from a different angle.

Here are some pictures taken just this morning after we got back from the post office to apply for RC's passport.  It has been a productive Saturday so far, we're probably going to the pool just after I am done with this. RC likes swimming a lot, so I think I am going to take her more often. No pictures of us in the pool though cause it has been just the two of us recently going there and I have to be focused on RC for her safety.

Time to go home, somebody's tired.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taco Del Mar

I was suppose to wear this bib necklace but RC kept pulling it from my neck so she I made her wear it.  She's pretty fabulous with it, I think.

These pics were taken three weeks ago. We had mixed platter, burrito and cookies (since we didn't want RC to have spicy food)

We love Mexican food, how about you?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another day in paradise

This is a continuation of my previous post. We enjoyed this resort a lot and we already reserved one night so we'll be there again for an early father's day (one week before) celebration. 

I know I overdid the black leggings but I love wearing them, so comfy and I feel that I can be carefree. Also, since it was mother's day, this was the closest we can get to having matching outfits without buying new clothes.

Just taking a stroll along the hallway. I love the carpets.

They say kids cannot appreciate going places so much but I think this time, RC really did enjoy having a different enviroment, the moment she stepped into the room, she was having a good time running around.

I was almost 35 weeks pregnant in this last photo. I was wearing the same dress as in the pictures above. It's not a maternity dress.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A day in paradise

Sharing some pictures from our mother's day weekend.  I'm a little lazy to type tonight so I won't put much captions. We had a wonderful time and already planning on going back there. Two half days wasn't enough to enjoy the place.

Somebody's pushing my butt.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

What I wore: shirt from a garage sale, old shorts, black leggings, sunnies from a local store, Dooney and bourke handbag
what she wore: Children's place onesie, leggings with tutu from Nordstrom rack, wonderkids shoes from K-mart, bows from K-mart, vest from  a CVS owned drugstore

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food, Juice, Plaids + a Preggy Pic

Hi! How's everyone doing?

Here are some photos taken from last month. Time flies by so fast, it's not too long ago that I started this blog, changed apartments, changed jobs, and now it's May!

First set of pictures- went the wrong way, ended up driving farther and getting to the restaurant later than expected. I discovered a local radio station that offers half price deal coupons on certain restaurants and since I love to  trying something new, I gave it a try.  I still have 3 restaurants to try with 7 coupons left.

view by the entrance. I wouldn't want to live in that house, there might be rocks falling.

View from our table

What we ordered, I wasn't able to take pictures of everything as usual.

RC waiting for her food.

We went to an automatic car wash. Here is how RC occupied herself and I thought those colors would amaze her. I was able to stop her before she chews on her shoes.You can see a bruise on her forehead, she intentionally bumped her  head on the TV screen. I was yelling NO as she did it slowly but as I say no, she would bump her head harder and there was the bruise. Kids, whatever they do, they're still cute.

Second set of pictures-- I got a Jamba Juice buy one get one free coupon and I got a $10 gift card from last year's Christmas party so we had two big juices for free and there's still about $3+ left on the gift card.  I was able to leave RC with her dad for about 15 minutes to look around the small clothing store, I came back and my  juice is half empty-guess who dumped it?

RC, she doesn't want me to hold her anymore.

Here's me trying to hold her hand while she was walking/running.

Then I catched her.

Old picture of me wearing the same dress. I only bought few maternity clothes when I was pregnant. I tried to wear the same clothes preggy or not.

We're using a new hard drive now. The last time we backed up our pictures was before we move apartments in November last  year. We'll have a CD back up every month from now on.

What I wore: pink plaid dress from Ross, pink Nine West wedges, black tank top, Coach metallic swingpack
What she wore: first set pics- George stripes dress, Faded Glory shoes, second set pics- Faded glory plaid shirt, greendog pants, Dora slippers


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