Sunday, January 31, 2010

Red Lobster

It has been a good Sunday. We went to Red Lobster then to a beautiful botanical garden. I'll first post our pictures from the restaurant.

She enjoyed coloring. She even tasted the crayons =). Below is one plate that we ordered, lobster and shrimps. The only one I took a picture of. So far, I've only had lobsters at Red Lobster. Of course, we ordered more but I felt shy taking pictures of each plate.

Here's RC in the car. She's using a big girl seat now.  Not her best picture but her mom think she's still cute.

Below is also a picture I took from the car. We had a beautiful view.

I have been wearing these boots almost everyday since I got them. I'm also loving wearing tights now. I think I will get more.

I'll post more pictures of us in the botanical garden. I have to resize the pictures so I can download them easily.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black and White

 I still love colored pictures but for a change, here are pictures of us I edited and made into black and white. This was just a quick stroll at the park just beside our apartment building. I took these pictures using a timer so I just let RC stay in her stroller. She would try to eat leaves or pebbles  with a blink of an eye, she has been doing it for about two months now so I'm keeping a watchful eye on her.

This last black and white picture was taken while we're still in our apartment's vicinity. My pictures tell me that I'm getting chubbier every week.
I finally found the one. I did search for boots over and over going to the mall but I just can't find the right size, the right heels and the right prize. I looked at Amazon online and got my Skechers cowboy boots. It's only  $30. Original price is $70.

We're thinking of going to Red Lobster tomorrow. I hope we'll go. I love that restaurant maybe because I like seafood.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We did it again

 This is how we started our weekend. One of my new year's resolution is to do things that I enjoy but with  minimal expense. We both liked it the last weekend so I thought of going to the pool again.

For dinner, we went to a sushi restaurant, one that has a conveyor belt and you can pick whatever you wanted, the plates has colors that determines the price. On my previous blog, I posted some entries of us going to Japanese restaurants or sushi places too.

Here's me with my plain sleepy face and my daughter RC.

My outfits are very casual.  Here's the back part of my Papaya top. I think it's kind of cute.

I wore: unbranded cropped top, black body shaper from Sears (the fabric is very similar to a swimsuit), Gap swim skirt, BCBGirls slippers, Spy Dynasty sunnies
She wore: Children's Place one piece

I wore: Black Papaya top, White Bonjour de corp top (Philippines brand), Esprit shorts
She wore: Ralph Lauren blue dress

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

We had RC's first birthday at Chuck E Cheese. We did reserve three days before the event. I was feeling bad that I was not going to do anything for her first birthday so there I go... the easiest way to have a party, no entertaining, no cooking needed, just show up and they will do it for you. We had few friends that came over, and the kids had a great time.

Me at home after the party. I should have had a picture before so I would look better. My hair is already a mess. It is a hot hot day today so I wore shorts. 
I think this is the funkiest sandals I have now from Aldo.

Thanks for those who commented on my first post.

I wore: Mary-Kate and Ashley juniors top, Route 66 denim shorts, Aldo sandals
She wore: unbranded gown, Ralph Lauren shoes

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Blog

Hi! I got a new blog! Hopefully, I won't have problems commenting this time. I really like the two column without side bars. I tried so many names but they are all taken so I went to the direct approach Mom-Daughther. I used the word style since it can mean a lot of different things.

Here are pictures of us last week. She did enjoy swimming. It was her first time.

May we all have a wonderful 2010 ahead! It is RC's small birthday celebration tomorrow so I'm kinda busy. I can't believe she's one already.


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