Friday, July 29, 2011

Appliance Removal Solution

If you’re like most people, you have collected stuff over the years and it’s currently piled in your closets and garage, or maybe you’ve even rented a storage unit for all your stuff. I would say that over half the garages I’ve seen don’t even have space for a car because they’re full of things that are being stored and not being used. Most of us come to a point and we tell ourselves we’re going to get rid of that old refrigerator in the garage, or that old 150 pound dinosaur TV that’s collecting dust in the basement. Maybe you’ve recently upgraded your kitchen, and now you have to do something with the old stove and dishwasher.

One option is to break your back and knees by loading that stuff into a rental trailer and taking it to the dump. First you’ll have to figure out where the dump is, and then ask if they take old appliances. Another option is to put them in your garage and then try to sell them in your next yard sale. Unfortunately, most people don’t want used appliances. People usually buy new appliances.

There's a website that specialize in Appliance Removal Chicago if you live in that area. You can call them, and they’ll schedule a pickup and take away your old appliances, mattresses, carpets, furniture, TV, computers, and lots of other junk you don’t need anymore. They make an effort to recycle as much as possible and give the usable items to local charities while limiting what they take to the landfill. So if you want to reclaim your garage or storage shed, give them a call and take back your space.

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