Monday, February 28, 2011

RC's First Snow

The first two pictures are RC's first encounter with snow, it was night time and we opened the door for her to see it.

The next pictures will be the morning after. It did not snow much but I'm glad I was able to see it again after a little over three years.

Review: SMC

To those who want to start their own business, SMC might just be the one for you. I honestly did not try joining but I know someone that did it. He did not sell online but he sold SMC products in a flea market and he did pretty well except the problem was that he doesn’t have somebody to help him.   Selling in flea markets is pretty tough and it would take at least two people to run it in case you have more than one customer or if you just have to go to the bathroom. SMC offers a variety of product and for what I understand is that you buy the items in bulk for a very cheap price.
SMC offers business coaching and you can choose to offer your business through the internet and have a website with SMC. However, there are some SMC complaints in which you can read about it in their website. They fully explain on why some complaints happen.  They also have a page about SMC Corp Review.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello pimples

Here's one of our pictures from our vacation. I will upload more later. Tomorrow we're going home. It's a very short vacation and the time went by quickly.

I am breaking out with acne right now mostly on my chin. I heard somebody told me that when you get it at that area, it means stress. I'm not sure about that. I think whether I get it on my forehead, cheeks or chin, they could all be signs of stress or maybe I just have a naturally oily face that's why even if I am over 30 years old now, I still get pimples. I should get something worth trying to stop my acne.

Murad coupon codes are available at At this time, they have four promo codes available on their website, you can choose whichever you think will give you the best deal. Murad is also offering a product called Murad Resurgence. It is an anti aging beauty product. They offer a money back guarantee.


I am probably one of the dumbest persons when it comes to cars but it is not too late to learn. I don’t mind what type of car we rent on vacations as long as it runs and we’re safe. My main concern is always the safety.

I was just reading at repairpal blog and there are many interesting topics that were posted in their site. They have articles like how everyday items can become hazards in a car or driving, recall alerts on cars, what women have to know when taking their cars for repairs etc. You can get a free estimate from their website about repairs depending on what type of car you have and where you are from. Example is Houston auto repair service. You can enter what service type you need like a timing belt replacement or a water pump replacement.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Whether you just own a house or you have a business, it would be nice to get a mailbox that also adds some decorative touches to your home or site. Below are some decorative mailboxes that would be a nice addition to one's home.
Mailboxixchange provides cheap and reliable mailboxes with a wide variety of styles depending on the customer's needs. You can check out their website at They offer locking mailboxes, wall mailboxes, residential, commercial mailboxes and many more. They have a 110% low price protection, they have an online chat live help in their website. They also have an order tracking information once a customer orders.

For those who buys things online and have big boxes delivered, it is helpful to have a big mailbox so you would not need to drive to the post office to get what you ordered. I am always excited about getting my stuff when I order online and I wish we have bigger or more mailboxes for the residents in our building. Sometimes, the boxes are too big to fit or the mailboxes have all been used up for the other residents. This is something we can suggest to the property manager and recommend Mailboxixchange. This post is brought to you by their website.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Startrite shoes

These are super cute shoes from website. If I knew RC's feet do not grow too fast, I probably bought her a lot of these girls shoes. Well, I bought her probably more than 20 pairs already since she was born. Her feet are also wider than normal. Yes, I compared it to other kids her age. I always have a problem buying her and I would usually buy the ones that are wide at the toes. When she was a baby, some shoes have the right length but I can't put her feet inside the shoes because they are wide. But of course, I still think that she has the cutest toes. I kiss them sometimes.

 Here's a YouTube video about how to make sure shoes fit into a girl's feet. This is actually a trial for me because this will be the first time I am going to embed a video in a post. It's a little long but it can be helpful for other mommies out there who have little girls like I do or for those who are planning to have babies someday.

I'm sorry I have been slacking again with blog hops and comments. I am filling my blog with all this information instead of commenting. Again, thanks for those who continue to comment. I'll visit you all soon.

Internet lingo

I am trying to familiarize myself with these "internet lingos".

So adwords are the pay per click task from Google if I understand it correctly. These are the ads from advertisers.

An Adwords Management company is a company that does marketing and online optimization of Google adwords. An example is Philly Adwords which is a Google Certified Partner. Adwords Management will be helpful for businesses who are trying to place ads on the web.

Adsense is a program run by Google. Users or website owners can join and place ads on their sites. I will probably interchange adword and adsense.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. A search engine is usually a box where you can type and retrieve documents from the internet.

I tried to revise these definitions based on my own understanding. It’s more than LOL now.

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Thermal and scarf

Have you heard of thermal clothes?  I heard about it before but I just did not pay attention that much till after I browsed at website. They offer thermal vests, tops and pants even thermal underwear for women. I wouldn’t need anything thermal now but I wonder how it compares to a regular clothing. Maybe if I visit a place that snows during the winter season I can try one.

Their website is pretty cool, a lot of fashionable items even accessories and most of them are affordable. They have clothes with vibrant colors and pretty patterns. I like this ruffled scarf that comes in two colors. I think I like the fuschia pink more. I have to learn how to accessorize. Scarf is something that I don't wear much but I see lot of people using it. They add up to the style.  

I used to buy at stores but now I just keep on browsing online and then buy every now and then if I see something that I like. It saves time, they usually come a few days after you ordered. You can also easily compare prices just by clicking. I think the problem will be the sizing so if you purchase, it is recommended that you read their policies about returns. So far, I don't have major problems with items I received from buying online.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I want a bag like this, it looks big in picture but the dimensions are small. It can come in bigger sizes too for more space. It’s cute and handy when I am with RC. Unlike leather purses, I want something light weight, water proof and very casual. So this will be perfect for me. I have to choose a color other than orange. This messenger bag I can cross strap around my body so I would not need a hand to bring it. This will be my “mommy bag”. Santa, is it too late to ask? It’s February maybe I should ask Cupid instead. It’s only $50.

Messenger bags are becoming popular nowadays because they come in different forms. It seems that we need the technology wherever we go so people tend to bring their laptops, cellular phones etc. A lot of them have velcros for easy access.

Photos are from This post is brought to you  by their website.

Trade show

This is another trip down memory lane. The picture was taken years ago. I love going to trade shows but we haven't been going in awhile because I don't think RC will enjoy it as much as I do. She would rather go to parks. We're probably all familiar with trade shows, small and large businesses gather together to promote their products or services. We can learn from trade shows, there are free taste (for food) and free trial for the people .

I also enjoy looking at the logo mats, logo canopy, and some even have trade show flooring. I think if you have a business, it would really help that you put your trademark in a lot of things where people can see it. Since advertisement can already be expensive, businessmen might as well put it to things that we are using to set up the business site. Inlaid logos that are full color digital images can be produced and they can come in variety of style and shapes.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Belated Happy Valentine's!

This is how we spent our Valentine's, just chill out by the beach.

Recycling rainwater

A lot of people take water for granted but in some parts of the globe, there is drought even in the United States. I remember going to a Las Vegas hotel and there are signs inside the room to please conserve water.
The water also goes in a long and tedious process before it comes out of our faucet. Another way of recycling is to collect the rain for future purposes. You can use a rain barrel. The rain can be used to clean the lawn, water the plants or maybe even to clean your car. There are rain barrels for sale that can hold a huge amount of water and it can also be used for decoration outside your house.
Rain harvesting may sound odd  but it honestly saves a lot of water and it can save bucks too by having lesser water bill.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: Unbelievabra by Shapeez

I posted about Unbelievabra before and now I have the chance to do my own review because I have one now. I was so excited to try this one on. This is my fourth brand of body shaper and I can say that it is the best! The material is made of 85% nylon and 15% Lycra, it's very comfortable. I want to wear it everyday.

Unlike the other body shapers that make the chest flatter, this one gives you a fuller look. I can wear it for the whole day because it does not feel tight, it gives me the shape that I want and it has adjustable straps.

We don't have to be overweight to have muffin tops. Age and pregnancy can give us that flabby skin in our tummies. There are a few of those lucky ones who managed to maintain their figures but for most women, they need a little help to tame those extra unwanted curves. Unbelievabra is priced from $75 to $110 but I would say that it is worth it. It is a camisole, body shaper and a "push up" bra all in one.

Before you order, you can measure your size in two easy steps. Their website provides a video. You just need a measuring tape and a mirror infront of you.

Additional information: Unbelievabra by Shapeez has been featured in several magazines-- Oprah, Seventeen, US Weekly, Glamour, OK! and People.

Unbelievabra is a must have shapewear!

Disclaimer: I was given the product for free in exchange for an honest review.


Most Americans know that Orlando is a beautiful place with lots of attractions like Disneyworld, Sea World and Universal Studios. These pictures I posted will take us to the Disneyworld. I have never been there myself and I am waiting for RC to get a little older before we go to any Disney place so she will be able to appreciate it more.

I was just looking at the Orlando Police Department website and it is a great resource for people who have concern about police harassment, cyber safety and missing persons in Orlando. There is also a link about travel information. Overall, it is a great resource for reporting any issues regarding crimes and it promotes awareness to the people on what is happening in the area.


I just bought these yesterday at the drug store because they are all on sale. I need more willpower to stop eating chips, ice creams, candies and anything sweet.

For this year, one of my new year’s resolutions is to be healthy but it will take me some time to let go of my sweet tooth. Many people want to lose weight and look good but I think bottomline the goal should be is to be healthy. You can be not overweight and unhealthy. I eat all kinds of junk and I am lazy to cook a lot of times. has some information about different kinds of diet like South Beach, Atkins and many more. Some people have personal trainers. Whether your strategy is to look for the best weight loss pills or go to the gym, for my opinion, I think we should consult a doctor if we ever shop for weight loss pills. It is best that we do it safe. We can also do some researching ourselves about calorie  intake, safe diets and ingredients of medications.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

DVD Converter idea & random pics

I see blogs with videos and it's a cool idea. I watched some of them, some are very creative. I haven't started that yet. But I want to start taking more videos of RC. I have some video clips of her that I want to compile into just one disc. The videos are only a few seconds to a maximum of about two minutes and I use the small camera to take them. I will probably need a DVD ripper so I can edit them. A Video Converter Mac can rip a DVD into various video formats. Of course, we have to be careful with what we copy especially those copyrighted movie materials. But if you have videos of your family and you would like to see it whenever you want, a DVD Ripper Mac can transfer these videos to an iPhone or other mobile phones.

For blogging, I think I would stick to pictures at this time, it's easier.

Some random pictures of us mostly RC.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doll clothes

How cute are these clothes? It brings back memories from childhood. I enjoyed dressing up my Barbie dolls and some other dolls. Since RC is a little young to dress up dolls, I am saving them for her and hopefully she would enjoy it as much as I did. I bought these clothes from a garage sale. I also have some new Barbies but it would take a lot of time trying to dress them up with these clothes so I decided I will just put pictures of the tiny clothes.
Online, there are also some dress up games; you can play Lady Gaga dress up and Hannah Montana dress up. It’s a lot of fun too but I just don’t have that much time to do it.  You can mix and match the clothes just by clicking. You might even have some fashion ideas from these games.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Got acne? I remember when I was a teenager to early 20’s; I would have really bad acne. I still get acne now but it is not as bad as before. Even after you have them, the scars take a long time before it goes away. You have probably heard of Murad before, it is known for its acne fighting product. I first heard it on television.

If you have stubborn acne, you can try Murad. It is formulated by a respected dermatologist and a pharmacist. They currently offer free shipping if you enter a code from their website. Aside from acne products, Murad also offers other skin care products like age spots treatment gel.

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Butt Paste

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

RC has a sensitive skin. She was born with baby acne and she kept getting rashes. I had to try a milder baby soap, change diaper brands, and use a baby detergent soap.  At one point, we even had to change the formula she was drinking.  She had soft cries when she was a newborn and I still remember the first time she cried screaming loud was because of a diaper rash. It was heartbreaking to hear. I tried different brands, but they seem to just lessen the rash, then a butt paste came to the rescue.

If you have a baby that keeps on getting those unwanted rashes, you may want to check and get a Boudreaux's Butt Paste at your local drugstore or grocery store. You can also purchase it online. It comes in variety of sizes, even a handy travel size. It also comes in tubes which I prefer for sanitary reasons instead of dipping my finger in the container more than once.  This product is not only good with diaper rashes but it can also soothe an irritated skin. If you are not convinced with just reading the great reviews online, you can go to their website for instructions on how to get a free sample.
Additional information:

Boudreaux's Butt Paste was featured on Oprah Show, Tonight Show, ESPN, While You Were Out (TLC) and People Magazine so more and more mommies are using it. It was formulated by a pharmacist with the help from a respected pediatrician to provide proper diaper rash care.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coin collection

My husband collects silver coins and proof sets. They are a good collection because it is easy to sell or trade them. There has been a few times when we were short in paying some bills and his coin collection helped us during those tough times. It would be great if he also has a gold collection of coins but he only has one. It has the highest value of all his coin collection and we plan to keep it since the price of gold is high and it is rare. We hope that the value keeps on going up.

I see a lot of TV commercials, newspaper ads that talk about gold prices. I wonder if this is really driven by supply and demand. I would agree though that gold is a great gift to pass on to generations. Over the years since the gold price is going up, it is proven to be a good investment.

I don't have a coin collection of silver or gold but here is my real treasure, more than gold, more than platinum.

Thanks for the comments from my last post.

You can learn about gold spot at This post is brought to you by their website.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Give a call

It's been a long time since I called the Philippines. I’m thinking about using a tollfreeforwarding service. My phone does not allow me to dial directly which I prefer because the last time I was allowed to do that, I did made calls that made my phone bill soar really high.

For those Filipinos abroad reading this, how are you able to call the country? I would appreciate any insight. While now, I am busy with RC and with my blog, I really miss those talks that I had before with some close relatives.

I know some use prepaid toll free forwarding or international call forwarding services. I'm looking at that provides these services. Their rate to call the Philippines is 8.80 cents to 11.70 cents per minute which is not bad comparing it to my local provider. I can use it with my existing provider and balances expire in one year.

Speaking of Philippines, here are some pictures of us last August  that I have not shared yet.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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