Thursday, July 14, 2011

Share your Zenni story

Have you ever gone to your optometrist to get an eye exam and walked out an hour later with dilated pupils and a pair of $400 glasses? There’s no reason to spend so much money on a pair of prescription glasses. You can find affodable prescription eyeglasses online at Their huge variety of frames start at only $6.95, and include single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses.The selection of frames is huge, and they will surely have a style and price to meet anyone’s needs. Shipping is $4.95 anywhere in the US.

Share your Zenni story is a site where you can read other reviews if you need help deciding if Zenni Optical is right for you. I'll be one of those who will be doing an actual review after I receive my order. I don't want to waste my hard-earned money on expensive frames and lenses.  My vision is not 20/20 but I was refusing to wear eyeglasses. I used to wear one and I'm ready to wear them again especially with these affordable eyeglasses now on the market. They're stylish too. Here are some pictures I got from Zenni Optical website. A simple one would be good but I think I also like the second eyeglasses with the design at the sides. I might get crazy and buy two. My husband also needs one, we're planning to order probably this weekend.

This post is brought to you by Zenni Optical.


melody-mae said...

ohhhhhh, I am in the market for a new pair!!! thanks for the website!!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

you're welcome melody-mae!

Aurora said...

I found ZenniOptical earlier this yar when I had a giant contact lense fail that cost me tons of money. I was sick of paying $200 for glasses, so I googled cheap eyeglasses, found Zenni, and ordered a pair of frames, a pair of sunglasses, and waited for them to come! When I got them, I was super skeptical, but they were great! They aren't super duper nice, they're like the generic brand of cereal at the grocery store-not the best you're used to, but they work the same! I LOVE my Zenni glasses...I might just get a new pair soon, actually :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Aurora, that's a great story, thanks for sharing it here in my blog.


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