Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Gadgets

A lot of people are trying to lose weight and be more healthy to cut down on sicknesses and always feeling tired and run down. Life can be stressful and we sometimes put exercise and dieting off because we don’t feel we have time for them. The benefits of exercise and losing weight are well known, it’s just finding the willpower and desire that’s the problem for most people. I used to watch programs on TV like The Biggest Loser because if those people lose lots of weight and eat healthy, it gives me good ideas about what should be included when I start to try getting healthy.

The Health and Fitness Network located at www.healthfitnet.com carries products for weight loss management, including the MedGem and BodyGem, which are mouthpieces used to measure resting metabolic rate or RMR. The MedGem and BodyGem monitor changes in metabolism, which can be useful in meeting your weight loss goals. They were recently shown in use on The Biggest Loser as part of the weight management plan for contestants.

Another tool available from the Health and Fitness Network is the Cholestech LDX Lipid Analyzer. With only a single drop of blood, it can be used to quickly measure cholesterol and several other important lipid levels. Keeping our cholesterol levels under control will lead to better health and reduces the risk of heart problems in the future. For people who are already using the blood pressure monitors, this will be a good addition to their “health” tools.

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