Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walk under the sun

This is how we started the July 4th celebration. This is also the third day we went walking and some running at this pavement. Now, officially the family's favorite park. It was almost noon here, so freaking hot but it's good, maybe we'll lose more calories that way.

This is RC's first outfit for the 4th of July. This top used to be her dress, it is size 2T. That's another one of my frugal ideas. She was in her stroller most of the time when we're walking. The walking would have not lasted if she was also walking with us.

When everything is settled and I'm officially a SAHM, I plan on walking every morning. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be motivated. I don't do any exercise before this 3 days weekend except to run with RC every now and then. I will have to get used to a different routine, something that will do good for both of us.

I'm participating on Social Parade Friday and Mommy Moments.

Thank you for those who entered the Hip-T shirt extender giveaway, today I reached more than 100 comments which is my goal. There's two more days to enter! I will have more simple giveaways coming. It's great to have sponsors. Giveaways actually make me more motivated to promote my blog and I feel that I can give back to my readers. I am also able to try new products like this shirt extender.
For those who are in the US of A, did you have a great July 4th? We went to see the fireworks that night, there will be many more pictures to come including this walking days. 


Virginia S Grenier said...

Just started following your blog. Very cute. I also saw that you are starting to get into reviews. You might want to think about joining my World of Ink Hosts. We do book reviews mostly of children's books, but we do get an adult genre book from time to time or a parenting book. If interested, visit my site at to see the other bloggers who are involved.

oomph. said...

as a SAHM you will be so lucky to be able to do all the thing i wish i could be! walking, spending more time with the kids... we had a great 4th in waikiki...

Faye said...

cute little baby girl!:)

chubskulit said...

Looks like a great park to go for a walk.

Rcel said...

Ahh... I love walking and I love your place, too! I hope we're neighbors as I can be a really good walking buddy! I wish I'm living in a place like that, maybe the husband would let me walk all by myself. Not here in our place kasi si hubby di papayag if I walk mag-isa. :D

Anyway, we had a great 4th of July. It was my daughter's 5th birthday so you can imagine the awesomeness we've had! :)

Sorry I'm late for my MM visit! But it will never be late to check out mine: Us @ the KASH Playground! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

Dhemz said...

what a great place to walk na green ang paligid.

Chris said...

so nice! really great to be able to walk around the park.. something that you can easily take for granted!


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