Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I bought these goodies from a bake sale a few months ago. Cheap and delicious.

I like supporting fundraising activities especially the ones that are for my friend’s kids. I think that there would come a time when RC is in school and we’ll be getting all those tickets to sell and I would need some help too. Just yesterday, I bought a lunch that costs $10 even though I was already bringing lunch from home. Here, one way the public schools do it is by raising money for school activities and for other good reasons.

I know some companies that facilitate bake sales and the proceeds go to a charitable institution or for their employees. They can also do other events to help the community. There are online resources like that can help with preparing an event that makes it easier, or a fundraising campaign. They help with the planning details, including the time and the budget for an event. They can even help with selling tickets and market your event in case you would like to reach out to more people.

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Mare said...


mathea said...

i'm about to bake this weekend! i'll send you some hehhe miss yah Ces!

freesocial said...

Following on GFC From Bloghop, pls check out my site @

Alice Law said...

I love to support charity event too, especially jumbo sales, lol!^^ The bake sale products look adorable!

Dhemz said...

wow, those are cute!


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