Wednesday, July 6, 2011


As parents, we would like to envision our child going to college but college tuition seems to be crazy expensive nowadays, what more in the future. There are a few different ways to pay which include saving diligently as much as you can in hopes you’ll have enough when your child picks the school they want to attend.

I’ve found a great new way to help save for college, it’s a website called Upromise. You can click here for more information. By purchasing items through this website, you can get a percentage of your purchase directly deposited into an account of your choice. They work with vendors who want to support the effort of parents who want to send their child to college without falling deeply into debt. There are over 800 online stores, and over 8000 restaurants who participate in the program. If you have a child and are worried about paying for college, you should take a look. Has anybody tried their website? I would like to start making purchases there as we are already buying directly to some of their partners like Target, Walmart and Expedia. Even if you don’t have a child, I believe it would be good to support companies like Upromise who promotes education.

P. S. You can also find online coupons using their website.

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jared's mum said...

wow this sounds like a great idea, i'll bechecking it in awhile..
btw, i've just added you to my blogroll, sorry it took quite a while i've been quite busy, hope you can add me to your list as well. many thanks :)
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