Saturday, July 9, 2011

Night of 4th of July

I'm still not done with 4th of July posts, I was trying to wear patriotic colors and here is the outfit I came up with. So not suited for watching fireworks, we just walk on the dirt and sat down under the dark sky like we were camping. I changed my mind about this shoes, it's not so comfy. I also used the sheer stockings I got from Goodwill last week (0.99 cents less 25% off = 0.74 cents still in package).

Here's RC wearing her sailor dress. If she has a sailor hat, it would be perfect.

Pictures of us waiting for the fireworks to start. We only had two camping chairs so RC used her stroller. I remember one of my coworkers told me that I am wearing a dress for Dancing with the Stars because the dress somewhat shakes when I move. It's from the Philippines.

RC is getting a tan lately from being outdoor too much. I guess Vit D is good for her body.

I look fair in this next picture. I blame it on the flash.

YanYan is good, it was on sale at the local drug store.

Just a picture of RC's hairpiece that I also made for her last week.

Thank you everyone for dropping by. I appreciate even just one second you are here at my blog. I understand if you don't comment, I know we're all busy.

Btw, I have a fan page on FB again and I think this time, Facebook will not delete it. I was disappointed before when they deactivated my first fan page, just when I was reaching 100 fans. Oh well, I was back to zero, now I have one fan thanks!  If you have the time, a LIKE would be very nice. I won't be able to see your profile if you keep it private, only the name. That's the first thing I noticed before and was my concern too.

Also, in twitter just in case you receive a message saying. "Check this blog, you're in it" with a link. Ignore it, it's a scam. I thought it was real. Luckily, I did not type my password.
How is your weekend going? Tomorrow morning, hopefully we're going walking again.


Cassie said...

My girls love YanYans. We go to a Thai restaruant and the owner always gives YanYans to the girls after they have finished all their meal.

Our Mom Spot said...

You guys are so pretty!

Dhemz said...

prettttttty! ganda nang outfit mo sis...:) at kay RC may purse pa ha...ehehehe!

Mommy said...

that sailor dress is adorable!!


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