Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Mom Makeover

Me and RC after a long and tiring day. We were both having a bad hair day, and maybe an oily face kind of day too. We just picked her up from the child care here and we came home and the power went off. RC wanted to watch Dora, it's good that we have a portable DVD, as long as the batteries are charged, then it's good to go. I occupied myself with reading this magazine and I realize I want something.

A Mom makeover is what I need; it must feel good to look prettier. I know people say that beauty is from the inside, but c'mon, I'm looking at women’s magazines, and I think it would also be great if we're pretty outside too. Sometimes, a little make up, a simple body shaper they all help. It doesn't hurt to look a little better. Some women had it easier though, looking awesome with very little effort.

I amaze myself sometimes. I think I am getting more mature and really comfortable with how I look because the more I get conscious, the more I restrain myself about makeup, about the clothes I wear etc. Looking back 10 years ago I hardly ever wore dresses and the only thing I can put on my face was a face powder. Now, I put on a little lipstick every day, sunblock and I comb my hair more. Still not much but I call that improvement.

Maybe one day you will just see me here at my blog wearing body jewelry from Fresh Trends. (They have fabulous body accessories and cheap too). At least you know what you can expect from this mom in the future. I think I am scared with the idea of piercing more than wearing these things. Okay, maybe I will just settle with their toe rings instead. There's one thing you cannot expect here -- a picture of me wearing a two piece swimsuit lol.


Reese Milania said...

You are beautiful!!!


How beautiful you two are together... I would love to have a little girl like yours... and I hope I will some day.

Thanks for your love,
all my love back for you,


t said...

Cute pics!


Emily faliLV said...

We are happy to have you linking up to Toddler Talk, but please be sure you post on that weeks topic. You have all week to link up.

imriz said...

count me in,too:)


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