Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walden University

I notice a lot of mom bloggers are also studying. When RC gets older, I will probably consider it. For now, I just want to maximize the time with her. One of the proven ways to increase your income is to get a college degree.

Walden University’s online degree programs are an excellent example of taking all your coursework via the computer at your location and leisure.  You can learn about Walden by going to their website at, and get more detailed information about the degrees and courses they offer.  Schools like Walden University are attractive to busy working adults or stay at home parents who don’t have time to drive to a class and be away for hours. 
There are many options these days on methods to obtain a college education; I wish I had these options when I was still in school.  There are the traditional brick and mortar colleges where students physically attend courses once or twice a week.  Most traditional colleges are also offering online courses so students can take some of their courses from home without the need to be sitting in a classroom.  The instruction is slightly different, but the level of education is the same.  Then, there are the non-traditional colleges that offer courses online only. 
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