Monday, October 31, 2011

Enclume Pot Rack

How do you organize your pans?

This kind hanging enclume pot racks looks very accessible and they are a space saver. They are mounted on the wall or can be hung from the ceiling. They don’t take space in your kitchen cabinets. They can be a bit expensive because most of them are stainless or made with quality materials. Unless you or your husband are handy when it comes to metal, this can be a hard project to DIY.
This will be great for every kitchen.  I have a lot of kitchen décor ideas if only we had enough space in the kitchen or if we could at least renovate. Our landlord will probably let us but the place is not ours. Sometimes it’s is not practical to spend on renovation if you’re renting.  The only negative that I can think of if you have this enclume pot rack is that you should have nice pots too because they are not hidden and your pots are actually a part of your kitchen’s décor.
For more information about enclume potracks, please visit This post is brought to you by their website.  A lot of their pots are shipped for free and they have an ongoing sale at this time. 

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