Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheap Eyeglasses

Because your eyes are deserving of a great pair of glasses!

My eyes are not a perfect 20/20, and so I have a prescription for lenses. I have eyeglasses now that I do not use and they are out of date. The last time I went to an optometrist was about two years ago, and I’m sure my eyes have gotten worse.  At this time, I would admit I don’t have insurance that covers vision exams. I should visit an eye doctor though so I can get a new prescription for my eyesight.

I wrote for Zenni Optical on my blog in the past and I am really glad that I found their website because my husband is now their customer. He just bought a new pair from them.  They offer cheap eyeglasses and a wide range of eyeglasses to choose from.  Their prices are extremely reasonable and you can choose glasses starting from just $6.95 per pair.   If he loses them, or they break, he can easily replace them for a low price.  
Most people use contact lenses these days, but I think most of them also own a pair of eyeglasses to use from time to time to give their eyes a break from contacts or when they are at home relaxing after a hard day at work.

I'm in the mood to talk about accessories today. Photos are from


Clara Turbay said...

i like both!

Mom Fashion World said...

Wow, $6.96 per pair?
Pretty cheap, Mama ha?

Have a great weekend!

Sam Times said...

Cool! I have to say that both pair looks wonderful! The 2nd pair reminds me of my first ever glasses that I've bought on my own.


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