Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Online Tools

I was trying to figure out how to use StumbleUpon and so far all I got is frustration. I did learn how to follow, how to stumble on random blog posts but I don’t know how to submit my own blog.  There are a lot of tools now available but sometimes it is hard for the technically challenged like me. I already learned a lot from blogging but I can learn more.  There are a lot of terms I am encountering online on my search of learning tricks and tips on blogging. Some even use Google +,  Slide Deck, jquery slider plugin, Search Engine Optimization and others. Most of these terms are alien to me.  I’m glad though that I was able to start a Twitter and a Facebook fan page awhile ago. I did not think I would like Twitter but I think it's great to send small messages.
For those who are StumbleUpon users, I can use a lot of help here.


Pink MagaLine said...

Google the "how tos" dear. I always do that if I can't figure out how to do it myself. Hahaha.

Bloghopping here. Hope you visit me back! :D

Captain Cooks said...

Hello....following from MBC....come for a visit when u get a chance and check out my kid friendly recipes www.captaincooksblog.com

Mindy said...

I tried to figure StumbleUpon out a couple of times and have given up!! Too confusing for me!!


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