Sunday, October 16, 2011

Charleston Real Estate

There are many states I haven’t visited yet, and I haven’t visited any states in the south except for Tennessee.  We stopped at the Memphis airport one time, so that barely counts.  Next month we’ll be visiting Louisiana, so that will add another southern state to my list of visited states.  One of the states that I still plan to visit in the future is South Carolina.  I’ve heard that there are many beautiful resorts and beaches along the coast and great places to go sightseeing more inland.  Charleston has been rated as one of the most scenic cities in the US and it’s becoming a financial center too. 

One of the tourist spots to visit in Charleston is the Battery of Charleston, the location where the Civil War started at Fort Sumter.  Another great place to visit is the Rainbow Row of Charleston.  It was a neighborhood developed in the 1700’s which became derelict after the Civil War, but many homes have been restored and are a destination for tourists.  If you’re considering purchasing real estate in the Charleston, South Carolina area, you should work with a realtor familiar with the area and neighborhoods.  One that I’ve found for Charleston Real Estate is  Their website has properties for sale or rent, and lots of other services which would make your move to Charleston easier.

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