Sunday, October 23, 2011


When people think of European countries, they normally think of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, England and Switzerland, but some of the most beautiful scenery is located in the new countries which used to be part of the former Yugoslavia.  In 1991 Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia and became a new nation, and fought four years in their war of independence.  Croatia has over 1000 islands located in the Adriatic Sea, of which less than 50 are inhabited, and a long coastline. 
The Adriatic divides Croatia from Italy and is a truly wonderful place to travel.  Croatia is ranked number 18 on the most visited places and tourism is a big part of their economy.  One of the things tourists can do when visiting is to reserve a boat and sail Croatia.  The long coast and large number of islands will make any sailing trip a lifelong memory.  I think if we travel to Europe that we will try to visit Croatia and the countries around it.  I have seen the country highlighted on travel channels and it looks like a very relaxing and scenic country to tour.  If you are interested in reserving a sailboat, check out  They have a wide variety of boats and locations to choose from. 
I participated in a campaign about Croatia. For more information in sailing Croatia, please visit

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