Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Purple Toes and My Purple Kisses

Two days ago was a great mail day because I received some products for review. These books are entitled “My Purple Toes” and “My Purple Kisses”. The first thing that I notice is the purple!  You’ll notice the color even from afar. These are probably the best books that RC has when it comes to quality. The pages are very colorful and glossy. They are also bigger than the other books that I got for RC.

The stories are very cute and interesting for kids. The books are made for eight years and younger. I like that the words are also big and bright so RC can learn word recognition aside from recognizing the pictures which is mostly what we do when I read a book with her. Both the “My Purple Toes” and “My Purple Kisses” have family related stories and obviously about toes and kisses.  I find it too cute when RC says the words “my purple toes” which she says a lot now. I’m so glad to be able to review these books. I haven’t been able to buy books for RC lately and these just came at the perfect time.

Additional information:

My Purple Toes was given a Moonbeam Children’s Books Award.

You can like My Purple Toes in Facebook as I did and you might be inspired to paint your toes purple. You’ll even see some daddies that colored their toes purple inspired by this book.

You can buy “My Purple Toes” and “My Purple Kisses” on and Barnes and Noble.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the books in exchange for a review. No other compensation was received. Please go to  MyPurpleToes.Com to support my sponsor.

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Dvr Dame said...

Looks like a cute book.


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