Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunch Dinner Cocktails

It's RC's idea to wear her wings. Maybe I can consider this as her second outfit this Halloween. She wears this a lot in the apartment and pretends to be a butterfly.

I think RC was a little shocked with the darkness and the loudness of this place. I was too. Well, it's always nice to try new restaurants. This one is more of a bar. I think we were the only ones who were there and not drinking any type of alcohol. Everyone except for their staff were also watching the football game and shouting at the top of their lungs. It's a different kind of lunch.

The food is great and the ambiance is actually cheerful. The waitress was very nice. I wish they have a plastic cup for RC's drinks.She almost spilled it because she reached it and trying to lift and drink on her own. I'm being so watchful since that first time she broke a glass at a restaurant.

RC did not want to eat anything else except for the french fries.

I had the Hawaiian plate.
By the way, here's the name. I managed to take a picture of it.

We also went to Target that day and I got to spend a gift card that I won sometime ago.  I always have to spend more than the gift card. I wish I'll win a shop till I drop shopping spree (this is me dreaming).  I'm happy that I won. I shopped for "potty gadgets" for RC. I think she is ready for the transition from having a small potty chair to sitting on the toilet. We started yesterday.  I'm so proud of her. She's not fully trained yet but I thought it is going to be harder.

I'll announce the winners of the Calypso Studios bracelet and the Modify watch tomorrow.


Reese Milania said...

Love the food!

Krimly said...

your daughter is so cute! pretty girl! :)


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Love RC's wings. And everything looks so good! :)

Mary said...

i like restaurants that have those plastic cups for kids. the food looks good.

Judy said...

I love the wings! :)

That food looks so good!


Mom Fashion World said...

Panay ang food trip nila ah!
Ang sasarap naman nyan!


oomph. said...

i think i may have been to this place once for pupus years ago...don't really remember, but i think they are known for having good food??

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