Sunday, October 23, 2011

Learning to Heelys: Review

I just got my first Heelys over a week ago. It came in great packaging. I love the colors I got which is orange and gray. There are so many colors to choose from, you can go from all black to crazy purple or pink colors. Will I learn to use these roller shoes? You might have seen kids at the mall, at the grocery store or just about anywhere where kids use Heelys and they look so comfortable wearing them and it looks so easy to use. I thought I am one of the old ones to get Heelys but these shoes are available in adult sizes too. You can check out Youtube for videos of how to learn to use Heelys.  Here's one of them.

Installing the rollers is pretty easy.  Learning to walk or should I say roll these Heelys will be a challenge for me.  First because most of our apartment is carpet.  Second, I probably need somebody to guide me to learn. I tried using it in our kitchen but I think I will have to go downstairs at the first floor to further practice.  I think it is not too late to learn. I am just a stubborn learner, not sporty at all but practice can get things better. I’m not giving up yet on learning how to use these. Maybe I should keep this for RC later on.

Heelys is going to have a Black Friday Special!  From November 25-28, if you buy Heelys, you can get the second one for just $25!

You can buy Heelys at They are also now available at Zappos.

You can find them in Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, I am very happy I got the chance to try these Heelys. 

Disclaimer: I got a pair of Heelys in exchange for a review.  No other compensation was received. Thank you so much Heelys!


Mary said...

i've always wanted to try those things! it looks so cool.

247Mama said...

Heelys always look like so much fun and kids make them look so easy! I didn't know they came in adult sizes too. My daughter has asked for a pair once or twice but she's pretty uncoordinated so I've never gotten her any. Thanks for coming by my blog from the Alexa Hop!

Dhemz said...

wow, ang galing! never pa akong nagkaroon nang heely shoes...ehehe...buti pa dito may sponsor...thanks for sharing sis!

kath said...

cool! haven't tried those :)


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