Friday, October 7, 2011

Max's of Manila Restaurant

I love Max's of Manila even when I was still in the Philippines.  I was so excited to go here and order. When I was working, I take advantage of the Filipino food that I can buy near where I work but now I don't get to buy them easily.

I love banana ketchup, I buy it from the Asian store when I get the chance.

We're getting used to our short hair.

We regret ordering the pork sisig, they put minced ginger in it. I don't want to chew on ginger.  I'm pretty sure they changed the way they cooked it this time 'cause this was not the first time I ordered this at Max's.

I almost forgot to take some pictures. We got a corner seat again, very condusive to take pictures.

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J said...

Inggit ako, may Max's diyan. Dito wala. :-(

Mary said...

I love Max's too specially the chicken of course! This post just made me hungry for some Max's. I've never tried the pork sigsig. OMG I want their buku pandan right now.

Yona said...

The food looks good - I wonder what banana sauce tastes like.

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