Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Till Debt Do Us Part (I hope not)

To enhance my mommy brain, I’m trying to learn to pay the bills. It is usually my husband who takes care of everything about finances and I think I was lucky that way, one less thing that I needed to worry about. I just have to tell him, everytime I charge something for credit card or if I am running low on cash because a lot of food vendors at work don’t accept credit cards. Other women would not agree on this and some couples even have separate finances even if they’re married.

I am conscious about the amount of money that I spend and I save but not really well at paying bills. I would like to learn more about finances, credit repair, bank loans etc. It’s good that I don’t have to look for the best credit repair service because my husband is doing a pretty good job at paying on time to maintain our credit rating and to avoid high interests. Have you ever seen the TV program “Till Debt Do Us Part”? It says that one of the main reasons couple split up is because of finances. It’s good to know that there are resources for credit repair.

What are your thoughts about credit scores? Do you think we have to be concerned about it? I guess it depends if you are the type of person who wants to invest and look for the best option in the economic market.

I participated in a campain about credit repair. All opinions are mine. For more information, please go to http://www.creditrepairinfo.com/

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Reese Milania said...

I manage our finances because I'm better at it than the hubby lol.


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