Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recover From Bankruptcy

How do I recover from bankruptcy? The answer to that question is not easily answered in a few words, but bankruptcy will definitely have a big impact on your financial future. Immediately after bankruptcy, the debt collectors will still try to collect, but just tell them you’ve gone through bankruptcy and to leave you alone. You can forget about credit cards for a few years, and you’re not going to be able to buy a car or house for a period of time after declaring bankruptcy.

Soon after bankruptcy, you’ll start getting credit card application junk mail, but it will be for credit cards which you have to deposit money into an account before you can use them. You’re just borrowing money from yourself, but if you pay those secured credit cards on time, it will start to improve your damaged credit rating. After a year or so, you’ll start getting normal credit card offers, but when you apply, you’ll quickly find out that they probably will turn you down, or they’ll give you a really low credit limit.

Probably the worst drawback from a bankruptcy is the ability to buy a house with a mortgage loan. You can pretty much forget about it until four years after declaring bankruptcy. But, when more than four years have passed, you’ll find some mortgage companies willing to at least consider you for a loan. These problems with purchasing things on credit will follow you for at least seven years, and maybe as many as ten years. Just hang in there, establish good credit again as quickly as you can, and learn from your experience.

These words are from a person I know that filed bankruptcy seven years ago (edited by me). All are based on his experience and may vary from one person to another.


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