Monday, August 22, 2011

Hand Dryer Source

I remember when RC was a baby I took her to a public restroom and she was very scared of the sound of hand dyer. Have you ever been inside a restroom at the airport and noticed the great high technology restroom hand dryers on the wall? Sometimes they’re so complicated you have to think a little before you can determine how to use them. They mostly are blowers of air focused on your hands so your hands are dried without the use of paper towels, or those old fashioned towels that were on a roller, which were probably full of germs. Today hand dryers come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, but in the world of commercial hand dryers, almost all are either electric hand dryers that blow warm air, or the more common type air hand dryer which blows room temperature air over your hands to dry them. If you’re looking for a hand dryer for your home or in a commercial setting, try checking out It is a great website to find a wonderful selection of Xlerator hand dryers or Dyson hand dryers, along with other models. I wish I could have one of these great looking hand dryers in my bathrooms so I didn’t have to wash towels so often, or worry about germs getting on my hands while drying them

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Ola said...

One of these would be so wonerful to have in our bathroom.... and save so much on towel laundry!!!

Thank you so much for the follow... I'm here to return the love!



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