Monday, August 15, 2011

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

For Prefense hand sanitizer giveaway, I received 93 comments, 2 are non participating entries (non US/ no email). I accepted one without email because she let me know in advance where I can find  her email. I hope that's fair for everyone.

Prefense winner goes to:
Mary said...
I like prefense on facebook  #2

For Pambras Bra Liners, there are 2 winners, you'll both receive 3 pieces each! I got 82 comments, the first 2 were skipped because they were non participating entries.
First set of Pambras goes to:
Joshlin said...
I blogged about this giveaway (with the link)

Second set of Pambras Bra Liners goes to:
Schkinner said...
Shared on FB (with the link) 

The Adventures of My Family of 8 Tuesday Blog HopI'll email you all. Thanks to our dear sponsors Prefense and Pambras for letting me host these giveaways. Thank you for all who entered, for those who haven't won anything yet on my blog. I hope you continue to join my giveaways. I'll make it even easier to join next time.


gkbccb said...

we are always visiting each other and I'm back! LOL!

Visiting you from the Alexa Hop over at A Helicopter Mom! Would love it if you'd visit and follow & comment for me back! I am hosting a Locomotion of Giving contest you can pay to participate and it will start December 1st and end on Christmas Eve. I will start promoting it Sept 1st! There are packages you can pay to promote your social media (Twitter, Blog, Facebook!) It will be 5$ for single entry method, 9$ for two, and 13 for all three! The cash prize depends on how many people particpate. The winner will be awarded with an Amazon gift card. You are welcome to enter too, of course. If you know anyone that would like to enter with you, and be promoted please pass the info on! Just comment on the blog, facebook or DM me on twitter to tell me your interested. (Please leave your email address, there will be a 2$ non-refundable signup fee, that will be discounted from your cost later. IE if you want one social media boost and you pay the 2$ signup fee, you will owe 3$ later and so forth.) I am compiling a list and will send invoices on Nov 20th will be the last day to signup! You may also contact me via my blog @ Locomotion of Expressions where it says "Contact" underneath the header! Thanks so much! Hope you'll visit us, even if you choose not to particpate. Am now following you!

Anonymous said...

sayang sana naabutan ko yan.. hehe!

Des said...

Hi Ces, congratulations on another successful giveaway. :) Thanks for joining mine! :)

Jen said...

Hi, I'm so happy I found your blog! I'm a Filipina-American with two little ones who's blogging about low-carb eating and other aspects of life as a SAHM. If you have a chance, would love for you to visit my site. Have a great day!

Eden said...

congrats to the winners for this! might i just tell you, your toenail art is killer??

thanks for dropping by!

chic in the tropics

Free Things By Brit said...

I'm stopping by from Helicopter Mom's Alexa hop. I'm a new follower, too! I'm just getting started in the blog world. I voted for you, too, at Top Mommy blogs!


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