Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ahi Poke Temaki Bento

I love eating these temakis. It took me at least a year before I ate ahi poke. Ahi means tuna in Hawaiian and poke means slice or cut. That is the funniest food name I ever heard and I couldn't stop laughing after I first heard it. (To the Filipinos, you know what ahit and poke means in our language) I don't know of anybody who does not know about this food here. It tastes good but it is raw. Anyway, here is the spicy tuna temaki in picture and the next ones are the shrimp temakis and wasabi.

Lastly, brownies with ice cream.. yummo.

Happy Wednesday!


The Pepperrific Life said...

I love that dessert! I"m craving for it right now :)

Michelle said...

Mmmmm. . . brownies with ice cream! I'm sure the ahi is good too!

Ola said...

I choose the dessert:)

Mrs BITCH said...

Coming to your page first thing in the morning may not be such a great idea as now I am hungry and I want what is in everyone of those pictures... lol

Alice Law said...

The temaki looks so enticing, yum yum!^^

J said...

It also took me some time before I enjoyed sushi... but now its my favorite food. ;-)

Lexie Lane said...

Oooh!!! We have something in common! I love this too! Great close ups and pics!

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Mommy said...

I love sushi! But I have never heard of this one before it sounds good though. Mmm now I'm craving some sushi lol.

Xmas Dolly said...

Thank you for stopping by. You really should put your recipe up on my Thursday's REcipe Swap Meet Tomorrow. mmmmmmmm Already following!

Dhemz said...

hahaha...kakatuwa nga yung! very colorful...sarap!


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