Monday, August 1, 2011

Auth Florence

If you’re an apartment manager, or community property manager, you know all about cluster mailboxes. They’re the group of mailboxes located at a central location so that tenants or homeowners can stop by and pick up their mail at their convenience. If you’re interested in cluster mailboxes or other items such as mail slots for doors, key boxes, chimes, peep holes and lockers, you can visit

They are the largest direct seller of Auth Florence mailboxes and accessories in any size or material you could imagine. Since I live in a large apartment complex, I’m very familiar with these types of mailboxes, and I’m sure the complex manager would be happy to know about the customer service and easy ordering of florence mailboxes and cluster mailboxes offered on their website.

I'm waiting for more orders, I've been shopping a lot online recently. It's very convenient!

This post is brought to you by Auth Florence mailboxes.

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