Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Probably, in the future, there will a greater need for employment in the medical fields, which include everything from doctors and nurses to lab technicians and aides. As the labor force ages and begins to retire in large numbers, the need for increased medical care will also rise rapidly. One thing that most of the people in the medical industry have in common is the uniforms they wear. Most nurses and aides wear what are commonly called scrubs.

I’m not in the medical field but I like wearing scrubs because they are comfortable. You can use them as pajamas. My scrubs have gotten so small though so I sent them to the Philippines last year. You’ll find a lot of scrub uniforms at If you are working in the healthcare industry and are required to wear uniforms to work, give this website a try. They not only have scrubs and lab coats, but also scrub hats, jackets, and accessories. They have styles for both women and men, and even include styles for children who are pretending to be nurses or doctors.

This post is brought to you by Blue Sky Scrubs.


Jennifer said...

I enjoy wearing scrubs to work. They are simple and comfortable. A friend's daughter, after a recent doctor visit, asked her Mom why doctors and nurses wore their pajamas to work!

Working Mommy said...

I've always wanted my own scrubs...something cute and pink :)


My SoCal Life said...

stopping by from the Alexa hop!
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