Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Light Bulb Trivia (Bulb America Review)

All of us use light bulbs in our everyday lives. Since the invention of the light bulb in the 1800’s, we’ve been able to light up the night more easily. Prior to light bulbs people were using candles and oil lamps to provide light at night. Today, there are thousands of uses for light bulbs, in everything from flash lights to light houses.

The two types of light bulbs which provide the most light for their size are halogen lights and xenon bulbs, which have lots of uses, and are becoming widely used in cars and outdoor settings. Whether you need to replace a bulb in your projector or your swimming pool, you might want to check out BulbAmerica.com.

They have a huge variety of light bulbs for any kind of application you can think of. They also carry a full range of accessories like cables, fuses, power cords, wall switches and many others. They have a toll-free number and can also provide service in Spanish if needed. Their website is very user friendly and they offer FREE shipping on orders over $100 in the continental US. So, no matter what your lighting requirements are, they should be on your list of light bulb vendors.

This post is brought to you by http://www.bulbamerica.com/, the largest lightning distributor.

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