Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let's cross our legs

My days now are usually just staying home as the title SAHM says. I was expecting myself to be have a “work-sickness” as I was working most of my life after school. So far, everything is good, I don’t miss working. I had really nice co-workers so I did not even want to share that I don’t miss them but right now, I am just happy being a mom. I am enjoying this, time is even going by faster.

I try to do daily activities with RC although I let myself be lazy at times. I can shower any time of the day, practice my cooking skills, make more flower crafts, blog etc. I still can’t catch up on all the daily comments I receive but be assured that I visit your blogs and follow back. I thought when I stay home, I would have a lot of time but I realize that time is still very limited because I have to constantly pick up the toys, the books, the puzzles etc. And now, I have to cook unlike before that I just buy food and toss it after. I am also starting to get serious with potty training which is my greatest challenge at the moment as a mom.

I still don’t have pictures of myself to share. Sometimes, I feel bad that maybe it’s not fair for RC that she is always on my blog instead of just myself, that maybe I am invading her privacy sharing a lot about her in my blog then I see other blogging moms that does the same, I feel better. I think she would not mind even when she gets a little older.

RC copying me while I cross my legs in a restaurant.

I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


cherie said...

RC is getting bigger na and she has longer hair! super cute :)

oomph. said...

so true. i work full time, but when i was home on maternity, i thought i would have tons of time to do other things, but that wasn't the case in between changing diapers, feedings, cooking, cleaning...

enjoy,'re lucky!


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