Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shepard Fairey Trivia

You may never have heard of Shepard Fairey prints, but they are very widely recognizable and well known in the art world.  Shepard Fairey was born in 1970 and has produced many famous prints, including the print of Barack Obama with the word HOPE across the bottom.  Probably his most famous work is entitled Andre The Giant Has A Posse from 1989 which launched his work into the spotlight.  Shepard Fairey art also includes books, but he’s by far most famous for his prints, which include controversial topics like Free Tibet and the movement for freedom in Burma. 

His thought provoking and sometimes enlightening prints are very collectible and highly sought after.  His prints will always hold their value, or increase, because they are very limited, usually numbering 400 or less.  This ensures that any Shepard Fairey art you purchase will increase in value in the future.  You can fine Shepard Fairey prints and art at  So if you’re looking to add to your collection of art or start a new collection, you should check their website out. I notice some of his prints are very graphic and they relay some type of message.  I personally think they would be great decors for Halloween.

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