Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Haired by the Sea

Mom and RC have the same hair. For my hair, it's even harder to manage because I just can't tie it at the back. I am such a BIG haired woman.

RC's dress is made by yours truly. It was from my old blue dress that I never got to wear. Now RC  is going to have a lot of use from this blue dress I made for her. Her headband is also made by me. She has lots of headbands now.  The dress I am wearing was given by They sell lingerie but they also have dresses. It's very comfortable.I'll wear it often.

I have projects that I plan to share here because one of my new hobbies is to look at craft and cooking blogs and find inspirations. I'm also thinking of going back to workforce on the weekends if I can find one but I haven't really tried searching yet. If it ever happens, I am going to be a part time worker and a work at home mom (because blogging is like working from home).

Thanks for all the new follows. I'm going to visit you all soon.


Judy Haughton-James said...

Real lovely pictures! All the very best with your future plans!

Kandice said...

oh, honey, be ever-so-grateful for think hair!

please, for me (and all other thin-haired ladies)

haha trade ya anyday ;)

Jing said...

hindi mom like daughter talaga!I like the view of the lake and RC is big na.dalaga na.

Big D and Me said...

Cute dress - I need to make my daughter some dresses and that blue would be a great color

Mary said...

I love that you have matching hair. I have the same "big hair" issue to. I usually ask my stylist to thin my hair out when I get hair cuts. Love RC's dress.. Can you teach me how to sew? LOL.


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