Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Fit

This is a picture of me the very first time I hit the gym. But then after I was finished exercising at the gym I shopped at Ross. The next day I shopped at Ross again, and it was even more of a hard time because I had to drag the stuff I bought out of the store. I decided that I would not go back to the gym especially downtown. It’s good that I had a free trial and wasn’t charged at all there. I'm trying to exercise from home and I like it better. I feel that I am moving forward with trying to get fit this way because I am comfortable doing things at home and I'm with RC so it's more fun.

Have you tried any diet pills like diet pills with ephedra? I know at least a couple of friends who were trying to lose weight and even taking some “detoxify” type of drinks. Even when we go grocery shopping, I see this type of over the counter herbs or medicines. As I usually mention, I think it is good to have professional advice from a doctor if we are to take any medication and even to begin an exercise program. I believe it would be good if there is some kind of support and help from those that went through the same process. Exercise can also cause some harm if not done correctly.
We just went grocery shopping and a lot of food are also being marketed as healthy or somewhat healthier like “less salt”, “less calories” and so on. I try to buy them too but I don’t religiously eat only healthy food. I wish I would be more focused on staying healthy.

I participated in campaign writing about weight loss and was compensated. Please be informed that all opinions are my own.


Mom Fashion World said...

Nagwo-workout na rin ako, almost 2 months na at addicted na ako mag exercise.

Btw, effective ba ung diet pills na iniinom ng kaibigan mo?

Mary said...

I've never been in the 24hr fitness in downtown.. how was it? Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. KK loves to wear the hair bows/flowers you made =)

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Hi....thanks for following me...I'm following you back and love your blog...Can so relate to what you're posting....

Lynn said...

Hi, Am so happy you are my newest follower. Welcome to my blog. I love your top. My favorite color is purple. Also like shopping at Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls, but now on a retirement budget, even those places can be "no-no" as I get too tempted. Your little daughter is just so precious. Blessings on your week.

Stephanie Ayu said...

omg i love shopping at ross! ^_^ lol

and your daughter is supercute!


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