Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plate Lunches and a Bento

Today, we went to Moanalua 99 formerly called the 99 Ranch Market  but they closed. It used to be an Asian grocery store but now it is a food court with some other small stores. Here are some pictures of us before we went there. RC is wearing her Nicole Miller dress I got for her from Zulily. I know I keep promoting that site, I already ordered four times from them. They should give RC a free dress =). Her pants are from Tea Collection that was sponsored awhile ago. I try to buy from our sponsors myself and I love their clothes but the price is a little more than what I would pay for.

This is us after we ate. I know, violent reactions are welcome about RC drinking Coke. She just grabbed it beside me and drank like a big girl. You can clearly see the sunburn below my neck  from playing the putt putt golf over a week ago.

Our plate lunches and one sushi bento-- Korean  bibimbap, kalbi (Korean ribs) with rice, macaroni and vegetables and a Japanese sushi bento.

I hope you all had a wonderful midweek! Thanks for all the new follows, I still have to follow some of you back. Thanks again for all the visits here.


Alice Law said...

I love sushi bento! YUM! I love RC's classy dress, very nice and your boots... love it forever!^^

Jordan Marie @ said...

Wow.. Very pretty and that food looks amazing!

Looks like a fun time!!

Thanks for following!!

parentwin said...

Those food pictures are making me so hungry!

Following from a hop, and glad I found you!

Hope to see you over at Tales of an Unlikely Mother, too.

Kathryn said...

found you on the blog hop and now follow

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

I love your boots! :-) And Japanese food is always good!

Mary said...

I love RC's dress! I'm gonna order one for KK. Food looks yummy, haven't really eaten at the food court there since Ranch 99 closed.

Trisha said...

You both look lovely and the food looks delish! New follower from Bee Friendly Friday =)


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