Monday, September 5, 2011

Prescription Medication

Have you been following the news about the exploding cost of prescription medications?  The prices of prescribed drugs are increasing faster than almost any other cost most families have to deal with.  And now since the US is in a continuing financial crisis, maintaining health insurance is a top-priority of all families.  But what if you either don’t have medical insurance or your insurance plan doesn’t pay much of the cost of prescription drugs?  In those cases you have to make the decision to either not fill the prescription and hope for the best, or pay extremely high prices for American drugs.  There is one other alternative made possible by obtaining your prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy

Canada drugs are cheaper in Canada due to various reasons.  You can do your research about it online. There are websites that lists on why Canada has cheaper prescription medications, so why not get your expensive prescription filled at an online Canada pharmacy if needed? is a Canadian online pharmacy where you can save on popular brand name and generic medications. 

I’m not a doctor and I do not recommend any medication or drug, I’m just letting you know that there are other options when filling prescriptions.  Always see a doctor if you’re not feeling well and never self-medicate or self-diagnose, just my opinion.  Get the help you need from professionals.

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