Friday, September 2, 2011

Melanie Collins (Sports and Entertainment Host)

Before I started this blog, I was hooked with fashion blogs. I love looking at our fellow bloggers who have those amazing clothes and very creative with how they dress up. I’m following more mom and review blogs now since I think I fit more in that category and I can grow my blog better that way.

For this post, I’ll review the website and blog of Melanie Collins. She is sure one pretty lady and very fashionable. No wonder she is one of the sports and entertainment hosts here in the US. She is currently hosting for E! and NBA. I watched her before on TV. She appears on many TV programs where she hosts. On her blog, she shares her travels with friends, she also has a lot of pictures and all of them are beautiful! I specifically like these pictures of her. I like the dress with vertical lines and a lot of color.

You can find more in her website. She has a photo and video gallery including some of her behind the scenes adventures. Her blog started in February 2011. Even celebrities like her likes to blog.

You can read a more detailed bio of her by visiting This post is brought to you by her website.

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