Monday, September 19, 2011

Alta Mira Recovery

 As parents, one of the fears that we have is that our child or children will go into a wrong direction later in life, like be addicted to illegal drugs or something else that will have a bad impact of their future.  Most often, people blame the parents as being irresponsible and for that reason, the kids resort to drugs. However, it is not uncommon with siblings to have a very different personality even if they come from the same parents. As parents, we can only provide guidance and support, but our kids also have the freedom to choose the lives that they want.  And sometimes, the decisions that they make are not always right. There are some children who grew up without parents and still turned out to be nice and honest people.  On the other hand, some really great parents sometimes find their children caught up in drug abuse. What are your opinions on this? Our children grow and they get to meet people, and they will be influenced by their friends.

One institution that can help with drug related problems in California, particularly San Francisco, is Alta Mira Recovery.  Now, there are more programs for people, who are using illegal drugs, they even discourage teens with these bad behaviors in TV commercials. Some of them are even graphic which sparks some debate. In my opinion, I think it is good that they emphasize how bad drug abuse can be and how it can ruin somebody’s life.
I participated in a campaign about substance abuse. All opinions written in this post are mine.

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