Friday, September 16, 2011

Rubberecyle Playground Rubber Mulch

We have been slacking about going to the park lately, but soon, we will be on our way again and will keep going every day like before. I really like the rubber mulch at the playground because kids are playing safer and I have never seen anyone get hurt badly from falls. If they fall from the monkey bars or if they hit the floor after sliding, they will have a very soft surface to fall on, and then they just get up and start running again like nothing happened. If ever we move from a condominium to a house and have our own yard with a playground, and I will have rubber mulch installed too to make sure everyone plays happily without getting hurt. 
Rubber mulch is such a great product, and we take it for granted today.  In the past kids just got scrapes and bruises while playing and we thought that was just part of being a kid.  But with rubber mulch, we can stress less about our child getting scraped knees or elbows. 
One of the companies that sell rubber mulch is Rubberecycle and their website is  They use 100% recycled tires to make their rubber mulch from.  So they are not only providing safer playgrounds for children, they are also being environmentally responsible and finding a use for tires which would normally have gone into landfills.  They also offer other rubber curbs, wear mats, rubber bond and arena footing.
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kimmy said...

hmmm.. it looks not only safe but also comfy, lol!

Finger Click Saver said...

Visiting From the Alexa Hop. Would love some of that rubbercyle mulch! I love the color :-)

TigerEyes2001 said...

Your daughter is a doll! And I love the rubber mulch. Such a great idea.

New follower from FNF Blog Hop. Please follow back. Thanks!


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