Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orthaheel: Flip Flops With Arch Support

I noticed the trend now is not just to look good but also to use healthy products whether it is clothes that we wear or the food that we eat. For shoes, there is now what they call the orthaheel that is supposed to help with alignment of your feet for additional stability and support.

I haven’t tried Orthaheels yet but I am considering buying one. They would be great for everyday use, especially when I take my daughter RC to the park. These flip flops with arch support can also come in variety of materials, color and style to choose from. They can be a bit pricey for a frugal person like me but I would think that they are designed to help and probably because of the materials they use to make it. I’m getting pickier when it comes to buying shoes now after I became a mom because I just realized that I wasted money on some uncomfortable shoes. It is better to buy something a little pricey but I can use most of the time instead of those stylish but with high heels. I really thought I would learn how to walk with heels after awhile but I guess anything about 2.5 inch of heels is just not for me.

I wish I have great looking feet without much effort. Sometimes, I like to show some of my new sandals here at my blog but pictures of my feet are not just too worthy to share if you know what I mean.

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