Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indy Auto Lift

These days, cars and motorcycles have become much more complex, mostly due to smog control devices and computers which are programmed to get the best gas mileage and pollute the least. If you’re one who wants to still work on their own cars and motorcycles, there will be times you’ll need a lift to raise your vehicle off the ground and perform maintenance tasks like changing the oil, changing tires, working on exhaust systems or transmissions.

In order to safely raise the car of motorcycle off the ground, you have a couple options. You can use a jack and after you have the vehicle far enough off the ground, you can put safety stands under it and then remove the jack. The problem with safety stands is that they are normally about one foot off the ground and only allow you to do the simplest tasks. If you want to raise the vehicle higher safely, you need what’s called automotive lifts. They will raise your car high enough for you to walk under it and easily work on the bottom side of the car.

If you have a motorcycle, you can use motorcycle lifts to raise your Harley or other model high enough to easily and safely work on the motorcycle while it’s off the ground. No matter what you’re working on, safety is the most important thing, never get under a vehicle that isn’t safely secured by safety jacks or a vehicle lift.

P.S. My husband once again helped me with this post.
This blog post is brought to you by Indy Auto Lift. They have warehouses and installers on various parts of the country (US).

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