Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kids Locker Shop

These kids lockers are perfect for my apartment and for my daughter RC. This can hold her dress up outfits. You can also put some colorful bins for organizing. These would also be great for storing some toys. If you have a child that loves other kids to come over, these can be used to store their items before fully entering your house.  They can then easily grab their bags and belongings before they leave. has a variety of kid’s lockers depending on your needs. I like that they have toddler lockers. I would say that some of their pieces are expensive and I’m not sure about the shipping cost here to Hawaii which is usually higher than in the mainland. However, you can search by price to trim down your choices if you decide to browse the cute lockers based on prices.
Most of the lockers are designed for preschool or school use as childrens lockers but they can also easily be used at home. For us who live in an apartment, a wall mount locker is great for storage. They would make a good storage for my purses.  I am already thinking of ways to use these lockers; I personally think that they are not just for kids.

This is a review of You'll find a lot more lockers for kids by going to their website. A small compensation was received for reviewing their website.


Rebecca said...

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Kavery said...

It's a wonderful concept and looks neat too

Judy said...

Those lockers are so cute, though I think my kids would use those as a jungle gym.

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Alice Law said...

So cute yet practical!! I wish to get one for my kids too!^^

Tonia @ said...

These locker would be great to help keep things organized!! I'm a new follower from the MWU blog hop!

Elizabeth said...

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I like the kids locker, very cool!
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