Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Think it's Time to Switch to Flat Screen

One of life’s greatest pleasures is to relax in the comfort of our own home stretched out on the sofa watching our favorite television program. We feel secure in our homes and can relax knowing we’re safe and comfortable.

Our TV seems to be always open. I am trying to lessen RC’s watching TV but it also became a bonding time for us. I would admit that she is learning too while watching TV, she learned how to count in Spanish just by watching Dora. I have a video of her counting. I should share it with you.

Do you use Direct TV for your cable services? I love their new commercials and it says that you can have HD access. We still have to buy a new TV first before we can avail of any HD. Sometimes, it feels like we are the only ones without a thin flat screen TV. Hopefully, this Christmas we can buy a new TV. We thought about it last year, another year has passed and still no flat screen. We really have to get rid of the big one because I am always nervous whenever RC is close to it. It is very heavy and sometimes she likes to run to it.

(The screen is not really like that, just the picture.)

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So what do you think is the best flat screen TV that’s right on the price that we can buy? Please share your thoughts.


Tracy said...

One good thing about waiting to purchase a flat screen is that the prices have dropped dramatically from when they were first on the market. We replaced our family room tv w/ a flat screen 2 years ago. I'll just say it's a lot less expensive now. Yes, those old ones are so big...we still have one like that and it's maybe 300lbs!

Working Mommy said...

I highly suggest heading over to Best Buy - or a similar store - and looking for their open box deals. Sometimes people buy items and then end up returning them - so you can usually find a really nice TV for much cheaper than full price. Good luck!


Mom Daughter Style said...

tracy and working mommy, thanks for the great tip.


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