Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Electronic Cigarette

Do you know people who smoke? I know a lot of them. I don’t want to judge but I feel that people who smoke are somehow wasting money because the price of cigarettes are so high now. Smoking can be addictive but it is great that nowadays there are supports to help people who like to quit. Here in Hawaii there is a phone line help for smokers which is being advertised on TV, there are also patches and other products that will help those people who wants to stop. It would still be a great challenge especially if the person is already smoking for many years.

Have you heard of electronic cigarette or e cigarette in short? Since I am a non smoker, I don’t get to try these products but based on some articles that I read, an electric cigarette satisfy, taste and look like a cigarette but without the same harmful effects. It uses a lithium battery and there will also be no transfer of smoke to the people around the smoker. I think it is a great invention but I would consult a doctor first before trying any type of product that is out in the market.

This post is brought to you by http://www.electroniccigarette.co.uk/. You can visit their website for more information. The picture posted on this post is also credited to them.


Nishana said...

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WanderLust said...

My friend used these and they worked so well!! Great post! Love your blog- following you :)



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