Friday, September 9, 2011

Blazers and Jackets

Once again, I might have been filling this blog with various reviews, but this is something most of us might be interested in. Don’t you love shopping? I do especially when I know that I am getting a good deal. I have been shopping consecutively every weekend at the mall. I really enjoyed the Labor Day Weekend Sale; there was so much cheap stuff. Even the restaurants have promotions at the time. is offering plus fashionable clothing for women, including petite and plus size coats. All the pictures above came from their website. I was browsing their site and their clearance section has items up to 80% off. You can also browse by customer rating.

Are military inspired jackets still the trend now? I still see them in a lot of websites and blogs. I don’t know when I will be wearing my jackets again unless we go out at night which we rarely do now. Maybe on the winter time, but even winter is warm in a tropical place like Hawaii. If I’m still working, I could wear them everyday because of the air-conditioning at the office. How about you? Do you like wearing blazers and jackets? 

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