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Wholesale Sunglasses: Reasons To Wear And Considerations To Keep In Mind While Buying

Wholesale sunglasses are now hot among several fashion accessories. Other than protecting your eyes they can compliment your fashion statement. World famous fashion houses produce sunglasses under their own brands. Retailers and small businesses are increasingly realizing the growing demand of wholesale sunglasses and including them in their product list.

There are different types of sunglasses ranging from sports sunglasses and replica sunglasses to designer sunglasses. If you are planning to buy any of these sunglasses then you need to select the most suitable one within your budget.

Let us have a look at some prime reasons for using sunglasses.

Protection from harmful UV rays

Prolonged exposure to sunlight increases the risk of exposure to harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays that can damage vision in long run. High quality sunglasses block harmful UV radiation and protect the eyes.

Delicate skin around the eyes gets protection from UV rays by using sunglasses. UV rays are found to cause wrinkles and premature aging of skin in these areas.

Protection from glare

Light gets reflected from different surfaces. Glare of such reflecting light can be distracting and potentially dangerous while driving, skiing or boating.

Sunglasses reduces glare of reflection and give a comfortable vision. Polarized sunglasses are found to be most useful for such purpose.

Protection from dust wind and strong light

By wearing sunglasses you can shield your eyes from strong wind and dust. It also reduces rate of evaporation of tears, keeping your eyes moist and comfortable.

Constant exposure to bright light can cause muscle fatigue, resulting in eyestrain and headache. Using sunglasses reduces the amount of light reaching the eyes and decreases risks of headache and eyestrain.

Searching for wholesale sunglasses can be best done via internet. There are various distributors and retailers offering wholesale sunglasses at a discount. While searching online you will find a wide range of styles and designs within your budget range.

Before you narrow down your choice, here are some simple tips that may help you in buying wholesale sunglasses.

UV protection

Make sure that the wholesale sunglasses you are selecting offers protection from UV rays. If you need to work or play under sunlight for prolonged period then it is absolutely necessary to wear sunglasses with at least 98% UV protection.

Look for sunglasses offering protection from UV-A rays (shorter wavelength) as well as UV-B rays (longer wavelength). If you are keen on UV protection, then look for sunglasses with wrap around styles. Such sunglasses fit comfortably around your eyes to filter out UV radiation.

Polarized lenses

Light is reflected from different surfaces causing glares. Polarized lenses reduce such glare by permitting only vertical light rays. If you are planning to war sunglasses while driving a car or motorcycle or skiing then you should go for polarized lenses.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses have thin plastic polarizing film embedded in middle of the lens material. It is hardly visible. Hold the sunglasses few inches away from your face for viewing a flat surface that is reflecting light through one of the lenses. Reflection from the object should be reduced considerably. Now rotate the sunglasses 90 degree from this position to find that reflection is more visible. This shows that your sunglasses have polarized lenses.


You need to be very careful while selecting color of the lenses. Take them out in the sunlight and go for trials. Consider the type of activity and places where you will be wearing them. Grey seems to be the most favorite color of lenses. It is neutral color that does not effect contrast or distort any color.
 Brown and green lenses reduce glare, increase clarity and contrast. All shades of red effects contrast and distort other colors.

Pink, blue, rose and orange colored lenses are primarily used as fashion sunglasses. These colors can cause severe distortion of colors and unsuitable for driving and other serious purposes.

Color density

Selection of color density depends largely on personal preference, activities and ambient light level where it will be used. Select the color density that will be suitable under sunny as well as overcast condition.

Selection of right color density becomes crucial in some special cases. If you are going for skiing or hiking then consider lenses with a double gradient mirror coating for extra protection from sunlight.

Consider the weight, style and durability of the frame of your selected sunglasses. No frame is suitable for all types of faces. Shape of your face, age and trends in fashion play crucial role in selecting a suitable frame of sunglasses.

Usually light weight frames are suitable if you plan to wear it for long period. Almost all frame shapes work with oval shaped faces. If you have a round face then rectangular frames are most suitable. Round frames and square frames are good for a square shaped face.

If you have fair complexion then look for frames with a touch of rose or amber shade. Clear, silver and golden frames are good choices if you have a dark complexion.

About seller

It is important to verify reputation of the seller before selecting or buying wholesale sunglasses from an online store. Look for the credential, customer reviews or check with local business offices. Relying on references may work but a little bit of verification always pays.

For online purchases, you need to rely on the seller for delivering quality product. The sunglasses appearing smart on online shop counter may have poor lens quality that you only know when you wear them. Verify details of shipping charges and schedule of delivery.

Fashion trend

Wearing sunglasses also helps you in making a fashion statement. You need to replenish your collection with latest and trendy sunglasses. Metal aviator sunglasses are presently at rage among fashionable men. Women simply love sunglasses with wider and bigger frames.

While some men are toying with retro style frames and dark lenses, ladies are going crazy about sunglasses with extra large round shaped frames and tangy shades.


Wholesale sunglasses available at several online stores offer excellent opportunity to replenish your stock of sunglasses at an affordable price range. Look for sunglasses offering protection from UV rays, glares of reflection, wind and dust particles. Make sure to choose the right frame, color of lenses while selecting your sunglasses. Make sure about the credential of the seller and quality of products while buying sunglasses online.


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