Monday, November 7, 2011

Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip Review

Do you have a problem eating raw vegetables? I sure do. There’s one problem with vegetables like these, they can be a little tasteless if eaten raw.
Many people use vegetables as a filler in other foods that they prepare, which will give them more taste, but I think sometimes we can cook some of the healthy vitamins out of the food if we cook them too long.  There is an easy way to eat raw vegetables. Thanks to Marzetti that gave us the opportunity to try one of their Greek Yogurt dips.  We went to our local Safeway store, and found it in the fresh produce section.  The flavor we chose is Spinach Artichoke because we like Spinach dip for our chips, and figured that would be a good one to start with. 

After bringing the vegetable dip home, we have tried it with potatoes and with chips so far.  The potatoes were cooked because raw potatoes are not very edible for most people.  By putting some of the Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip on the potatoes they tasted similar to scalloped potatoes, but with a definite zing to them.  You can taste the spinach and artichoke, but there is also a flavor that really wakes up your taste buds.  It is delicious and we all like it very much. 

Overall, here are some great reasons why you should try this dip:
It’s cheap. Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip is available at your local grocery’s fresh produce section for a suggested retail price of only $3.49 per 8.75-ounce package.
It’s healthy. The Spinach Artichoke dip has only 60 calories per serving and has Omega 3.  You would not have the guilt feeling of eating something that isn’t healthy for you.
It’s delicious. It adds a zest to vegetables and can be used spice up your snacks, and you could add it to pita breads and other chopped vegetables.  It would also be great with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, and even some types of cheese.

You’ll find many recipes at and click on recipes. You can get really creative with the Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip.  Aside from trying it with vegetables, we also tried it with potato chips, and it was an excellent substitute for our normal spinach dip.  This dip will probably end up on our Thanksgiving table. I also want to try the Spinach Mushroom Omelet that I found at their website.
I suggest you give Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip a try because we were very satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it to others. These days we are all trying to eat more healthy foods and exercise more because as we age the middle section of our bodies usually gets larger, and it gets harder as time passes to maintain our weight because our metabolism slows down with age.  It’s great that there are products like this that help us eat healthier.

Marzetti has a selection of other fruit and veggie dips if you would also want to try their other products.

I was one of the bloggers selected by T. Marzetti Company and Clever Girls Collective to host a Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip review. They provided me with product to test and compensation for my time. However, my opinions are entirely my own.

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Mom Fashion World said...

The only raw veggie that I don't eat is tomato.
I don't like the taste of it when it's raw.

How's the taste of it, Mommy?
Was it good? I must try.


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